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Dedicate to You

Your beautiful memories nestle in the time


All Dedicate to you. Your professional wedding photographer for your best day.

As a professional wedding photographerIs Dedicate To You it born to dedicate an space at all my clients. A space where they can find all their beautiful memories in their best day. As professional wedding photographer and a man I’m talking about pure emotions and beautiful stories that will be nestle in the time forever. I’m narrating the stories for my clients where I try to capture their gesture and their emotions during they special day that they will be remember for the rest of their life.

Il matrimonio è l’unione di due diversità affinché una terza possa nascere sulla terra. E’ l’unione di due anime in un amore forte che abolisce ogni separatezza.

(Khalil Gibran)

Best regards

Paolo Munari Mandelli

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