Old memories to remember

Photographs archive how a growth path


Old stories from my travel as a man and photographer.

I dedicated my last weekend to watching my photographs archive when I saw my old photos that I had been taken between as a Photographer year 2013 and 2015. In fact It’s alway truth that is better wait to watching photos after had taken the work. I remember when I saw an father and his child in an hospital of Sighet, Romania. An classic photo where you can find the precise moment of interaction and communication between them. Or another moment that was really significant for me it was when I accompany an Onlus on the border between Syria and Turkey. And I had been met a young men that had fought in the Syrian’s war. Unfortunately I’ve never had more news about them. Or a lot of children without anything. How a young children I’ve been had met in a school from Kilis.

Is not easy to know ourself or who are we. It’s a long journey that will be last until the end of our life. As a man and photographer I was lucky because I discovered new places and explored them as Australia, Marocco, Japan and America. I’m watching my archive and I review all my memories, my mistake I had mede and all lost occasion. But I still view the new opportunity thanks to my experience I had made.



Stay tuned and continued to follow me.

My best regards.

Paolo Munari Mandelli


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