Polaroid Series One

Journey between present and past time

Matter necessity and Time with Leica Sofort.

What Is Necessity and not?. In my case It was and It is necessary to┬átake the time I needed to realize something, for myself as an internal research. I’ve always been obsessed by the time especially since I’ve started to work as a photographer. I’ve always been live the time as an unavoidable fact, the time indeed mark our life, that above all because we live in a complex and fast world that every day it speed up and make our life chaotic. I have a necessity to take my time to do my works, I realized in the last year that I can’t continue to running fast all day. I was born in 1983 and I feel in the middle between in the past time and the present, I can’t stay in step with the time that running away. So the reason I decide to use my Leica Sofort it’s that with this item, I could take my time to do what I need, what I’m looking for and my lost time. But all we know, we can’t receive┬áthe time that we have been lost. It’s pure utopia.


Stay tuned and continued to follow me.

My best regards.

Paolo Munari Mandelli


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Written by Paolo

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