A slice of Bologna

On the street of Bologna.

Street’s of Bologna is my long term project where I talk about people live in Bologna and its streets, and places where. I was born and where I passed over 25 years here in its beautiful streets, so it’s a special place for me. Across this story I try to find my point of view about how it changed and what kind of people frequent today Bologna. Student, workers, business man, ecc. With my camera I’m walking around the city in its streets to discover new places and met new people I’m trying to describe this old city, its daily life and clearly its changes.

Something about Bologna.

Over the centuries, Bologna has acquired many nicknames: “the learned one” (la dotta) is a reference to its university; “the fat one” (la grassa) refers to its cuisine.

“The red one” (la rossa) originally refers to the colour of the roofs in the historic centre, but this nickname is also connected to the political situation in the city, started after World War II: until the election of a centre-right mayor in 1999, the city was renowned as a bastion of socialism and communism in particular the Italian Communist Party. The centre-left regained power again in the 2004 mayoral elections, with the election of Sergio Cofferati. It was one of the first European cities to experiment with the concept of free public transport. The city of Bologna was appointed a UNESCO City of Music on 26 May 2006. According to UNESCO, “As the first Italian city to be appointed to the Network, Bologna has demonstrated a rich musical tradition that is continuing to evolve as a vibrant factor of contemporary life and creation. It has also shown a strong commitment to promoting music as an important vehicle for inclusion in the fight against racism and in an effort to encourage economic and social development. Fostering a wide range of genres from classical to electronic, jazz, folk and opera, Bologna offers its citizens a musical vitality that deeply infiltrates the city’s professional, academic, social and cultural facets.